Code of Conduct

The Medical Representatives Certification Commission requires that professionals certified by their examinations shall conduct themselves in the utmost professional manner in all interactions with providers and their staff. Certificants will be expected to adhere to the letter and intent of the following Code of Conduct developed by the Commission:

  • I will promote the health and well-being of patients as my first priority.
  • I will not employ any inducement or misleading statements to gain access to a healthcare professional.
  • I will conduct all interactions with healthcare professionals in a highly professional and ethical manner.
  • I will provide product information to healthcare professionals that is accurate, is fairly balanced, represents appropriate use, and is consistent with FDA approved labeling.
  • I will comply with all laws and regulations relating to my professional and business activities.
  • I will conduct my professional activities with honesty, integrity, respect, fairness and good faith in a manner that reflects well upon my profession.
  • I will avoid any activity that compromises the credibility of my profession.
  • I will maintain competence and proficiency in my profession by implementing a personal program of continuing professional education and assessment.